GOTO Copenhagen day 2

by dotnetnerd 7. October 2015 08:03

The day started with a keynote by Brian Goetz called "move deliberately and don't break anything", as kind of an answer to Erics talk and going against Mark Zuckerbergs "move fast and break things". He quoted Bob Dylan saying "when you aing got nothing, you got nothing to loose" making the argument that move fast and break things make sence for startups, that have all to gain and not much to loose, but for a mature company with a large userbase it is a different story. He described programming as an economic exercise, where programmer time and pizza is turned into software and technical debt. Building on this he argued pragmatism and that there is no good or bad, this time quoting Yoda saying: there is no good, there is only good for.

Next up I went for the Microsoft talk on containers and clouds by Rasmus Hald. He did a good job demonstrating the new Windows Containers and talking about the comming Azure Container Service, which will give us a managed container host so we don't have to maintain a VM manually. Rasmus demoed tooling both in Powershell and using the Docker tools.

I then chose to go see a talk called from functional to reactive. Sadly the talk was very low level and theorerical, so the speaker had lost the audience after 15-20 minutes. No doubt an intelligent guy, but lectures selvom go over well at conferences. So about half way through I also threw in the towel and went for lunch…



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