GOTO Copenhagen day 1 continued

by DotNetNerd 7. October 2015 06:38

The rest of day one i skipped blogging, in order to stat focused for my own talk. I ende me up seeing the other talks on the Microsoft track, which were really good. Anders Lybecker did a nice talk on comming things in ASP.NET, Mark Seeman had fun with a tennis kata demobstrating property based testing and Jeppe Andersen introduced the new build feature in Visual Studio Online - something I have an actual need for on a current project.

I was quite happy with my own talk as well. It is always fantastic when a lot of people turn up, and with a packed room and 108 developers I could not ask for more. So I hope that I managed to get them thinking a bit about technology focus and choises when building rich modern web applications.

The day was rounded off by Eric Meijers keynote entitled the hacker way. Eric made some really good points about how we should get rid of process requirements that are standing in out way, that we should move fast and break stuff to learn and build better software. He talked about how we should be bold, take risks, be open and build social value. He described SCRUM as a pyramid scheme, and that it should be erradicated. All this to a huge applause from the audience. Great end to a good day…



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