GOTO Copenhagen day 1

by DotNetNerd 5. October 2015 11:05

Today GOTO Copenhagen was kicked off and it has been packed with good talks. The keynote was by Anita Sengupta, who talked about working on descent and landing on Mars based on her work at NASA. Amasingly interesting subject, and some really extreme conditions that these people work under. To illustrate it takes 7 minutes from when they enter the atmosphere on Mars until the robot has landed, but the signal takes 14 minutes minutes from it is sent until it reaches control on earth. I recommend finding the video on "how do we land on Mars" on youtube.

Next up I went to Adam Thornhills talk on seeing code as a crimescene. Adams talks are always really interesting because it is a completely different take on development, with his background in psychology. He demonstrated how tools he has build can be used to view temporal coupling in a codebase through the version control system - and how that can be used to discover fysical coupling and copy/pasted code that is always maintained by applying the same changes several places. He also had really good points around how a communications graph can be used to align your code with the organisational structure, as we all know from Conways law.
I also went to Allan Ebdrups talk on continuous delivery. He talked about how a bad process can actually make people sick, and how changeing it has made work more fun and made them way more productive. He argued that you should focus on speed and scaling while avoiding manual testing, meetings, big scopes and last but not least deadlines. In their compny they reduced the pipeline to 3 steps: Todo, in progress and in produktion, while removing the need for a QA department and operations. Some really good points and surely food fo thought for a lot of people and organisations.

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