My take on this years GOTO program

by DotNetNerd 27. August 2013 08:12

In the spirit of being well prepared and with GOTO just over a month away it is time to look a bit at this years program. Personally I will try and get around and also pick some talks on topics that are outside my normal area of interest. I know you probably already heard this, but it pretty much always ends up as the talks I get the most value from.


“JS beyond the browser”, “Architectures” and “Microsoft Devices and Services” are the three obvious tracks for me on the first day. However I will probably start out with Dan North’s talk on the track “When the Agile Manifesto isn't enough” about “Embracing uncertainty” . Dan is a really good speaker and last year he gave some of the very best talks IMHO.




Gearing up for GOTO 2013

by DotNetNerd 16. August 2013 10:34

GOTO 2013 is slowly getting closer, and once again I am lucky enough to be blogging from the conference. Next week the bloggers will meet up to get some practical information as well as to collect ideas for which tracks to follow and what to blog about.

Last year I think went really well both with reguard to picking some interesting talks and that I was pleasently surprised that I got to interview Scott Hanselman and Anders Hejlsberg. So when it was decided to repeat the success and invite bloggers to the conference I definately wanted to go again.




Who am I?

My name is Christian Holm Diget, and I work as an independent consultant, in Denmark, where I write code, give advice on architecture and help with training. On the side I get to do a bit of speaking and help with miscellaneous community events.

Some of my primary focus areas are code quality, programming languages and using new technologies to provide value.

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