Rolling my own OAuth 1.0 client

by DotNetNerd 24. March 2020 08:18

OAuth is one of those things where I always wonder about how bad the state of libraries etc are. It seems like a problem pretty much everyone will tackle, but I am still not able to find a simple, library that works well with .NET Core HttpClient without being a whole framework in itself or at least very framework dependent.More...

This side up please

by DotNetNerd 5. March 2020 11:29

On my current project we started seeing issues with images, especially when taken using an IPhone, that were shown as being rotated. Reading up on it I found that this is due to IOS using EXIF orientation, which is not always handled the same way on eg. Windows.

I found a couple of functions, that I modified to work with our TypeScript codebase, so that it utilizes async/await and has a minimum of type information. I suspect they might be useful for others, or myself later on, so here they are.


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Some of my primary focus areas are code quality, programming languages and using new technologies to provide value.

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