Azure Mobile Services

by DotNetNerd 17. May 2013 10:53

WAMobileServicesblueAzure is growing at an incredible pace and provides a good balance between lots of great services and easy ways to get started. I recently took a look at Azure mobile services, which seems to be an offering that has an interesting future with the rise of mobile development. So building a platform around features that you need to build these kinds of applications make all kinds of sense. Wanting to look more at Azure and with my recent focus on mobile it seems like a perfect fit for me.

Naming is hard

Diving into it you quickly become aware that the words "mobile services" are somewhat misleading, because although the service can be used for mobile it is just as much for building any other kind of small application. Only directly targeted mobile feature is push notifications. The featuers for working with data, scheduling and identity are very general purpose, but as a package this seems like a good idea - even though it name could be limiting to who will end up using it.

The good

Getting an application up and running is very simple with nice samples using C#, Javascript, XCode and Android. The API's are clean and straight forward, so you can pretty much just code away in your language of choice. Using facebook, twitter etc. for authentication has never been easier - it just works without all the hassle.

var client = new WindowsAzure.MobileServiceClient('', 'xxx');   
client.login("twitter").then(function() {
        var isLoggedIn = client.currentUser !== null;
        if (isLoggedIn) {

Push is also a huge improvement over the hoops that you normally have to jump through. Lastly scheduling is as simple as saying when and what to do - but limited to running scripts, so there is room for future additions.

The bad

The thing that I am not too crazy about is the data feature which uses SQL server behind the scenes, but the API looks like one for a document database. I see this as a bad abstraction, because it means that when you start needing structure beyond flat documents the abstraction breaks down. In a time where document databases are pretty common I think this is poor design and gives you a bad experience. IMHO Mobile Services should either provide a document database, which I would prefer, or the API should look like a true SQL API. With this half and half solution you pretty much get the limitations of both worlds without much benefit. You loose the ability to do joins or any other relational operations without gaining the richness of deep structured documents.

var client = new WindowsAzure.MobileServiceClient('', 'xxx'),
peopleTable = client.getTable('people');

peopleTable.insert({ name: "John", inactive: false }).then(function() {...});

var query = peopleTable.where({ inactive: false }); {

The future

In the end I think that Mobile Services have great promise and it is a part of the platform that I hope Microsoft will keep adding to. It helps make some of the usual tasks easier and having a single coherent platform for building these kinds of applications is music to my ears. They should however evaulate the data feature and make a choice if they wish to be a document or SQL database.

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