New job at d60

by DotNetNerd 25. June 2013 08:02

logo After 4½ years at Vertica and 6½ years doing e-commerce I recently made the decision to look for new challanges. I am really happy with the years I have spent both with Hedal:Kruse:Brohus and Vertica doing e-commerce where I have learned a lot and had some great colleagues, but I really felt like making a change. Timing wise it made sense to do it now, because my girlfriend and I were looking to move to the other end of the country, where she got a job.

Looking around d60 caught my eye as a very interesting company, where things are evolving quickly and where I know they have a skilled group of developers - some of whom I already knew from the developer community. I sent them and email, and after a meeting there was no doubt that it was a good match, as a place where I can learn new skills as well as contribute new ideas.

Starting up and hiring

Now it has almost been one month since I started my new job at d60 as a senior developer, and time really has flewn by. I will be part of building the new developer team in Copenhagen, so the first weeks have been spent getting to know the company so we can continue the culture and quality at the new office.

In case you are wondering we are looking to hire, so if you are passionate about development and feel like being part of a new team with pleanty of challenges and the freedom to build great solutions and contribute ideas you should get in touch with us.

We have some exciting projects lined up, where I have been working on a fairly comprehensive demo - going all out cloud and introducing some new web technologies to the company. I will probably get back to all this in later posts.

New home

Along with all these changes we are working on getting a new house built, så things really have been shaken up, and the comming year looks to be extremely interesting and I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

To my surprise it has turned out that building a new house actually seemed like the best solution, with older houses being overpriced. So it takes some work with all the planning and paperwork, but I really can't wait for the construction to start.

I know this has been one of those soft and personal posts, but hopefully you made it this far and it has not been too boring after all. I hope that all the new things going on will also bring more inspiration for technical posts as well as possibly some on the process of building a house.

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Who am I?

My name is Christian Holm Diget, and I work as an independent consultant, in Denmark, where I write code, give advice on architecture and help with training. On the side I get to do a bit of speaking and help with miscellaneous community events.

Some of my primary focus areas are code quality, programming languages and using new technologies to provide value.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

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