Almost GOTO time

by dotnetnerd 13. September 2016 07:40

So it's that time of the year again. GOTO Copenhagen is just around the corner, and this year it is the 20th anniversary, so I expect it to be an even bigger deal than it normally is. It certainly looks like it, with the event being hosted at the Bella Center on the 3.-4. October, and with a very impressive speaker lineup.

Some of the usual suspects will be present with people like Dan North, Jez Humble and Linda Rising, but I am also happy to see other great speakers such as Kevlin Henney, Hadi Hariri and José Valim. From my perspective it is of course also nice to see a strong Microsoft presence with Scott Hanselman, Mads Torgersen and Chris Heilmann comming - although it means I will not be speaking myself this year.

With reguard to tracks, it looks like some of the usual tracks, which also makes sence since it is still areas where a lot is going on. Android, Microservices, IoT, Effective Delivery, Tactics for better teams, Web frontend, Languages and of course solutions and case studies. A new twist is that there is a specific track with a focus on Disruptive case studies - which sounds really interesting.

All in all it looks like there is good reason to look forward to October…



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