To go to GOTO or not to go to GOTO

by DotNetNerd 28. August 2012 17:37

imagesSorry but I just can’t help myself when a crazy sentence like the headline presents itself and actually makes sense. None the less it is a question I have been asking myself each year while I have been living and working in Aarhus. Every year something has kept me from going to GOTO – mostly some combination of the attendence fee and bad timing of other things I have been doing. This year I had kind of dismissed it having already gone to TechEd, so I figured my budget for conferences was spent.

Luckily I was offered to go to GOTO for free as a blogger by the kind folks at Trifork. With an impressive array of speakers there is no way I would pass up the opportunity. Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Hanselman are of course top rock stars, but right up there are names like Erik Meijer, Hadi Hariri, Jeff Sutherland, Damian Conway and Martin Fowler. The latter also being the author of NoSQL distilled, which I happen to enjoy reading at the moment. Enough with the name dropping for now, but suffice to say there is something for everyone in the industry.

The tracks on architecture, back end and front end will be the ones drawing the most of my attention, but I will probably spend some time on the other tracks as well, in order to widen my horizons a bit. If you wish to follow along I will be blogging both here as well as the Vertica blog – which will be written in danish.

My hands are free with reguards to what I will be writing about, so I am looking to deversify the posts, but I might try and do more but shorter posts, so I can keep the content flowing. Good times…

Who am I?

My name is Christian Holm Diget, and I work as an independent consultant, in Denmark, where I write code, give advice on architecture and help with training. On the side I get to do a bit of speaking and help with miscellaneous community events.

Some of my primary focus areas are code quality, programming languages and using new technologies to provide value.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

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