Looking forward to GOTO 2015

by DotNetNerd 27. August 2015 11:57

We are at that time of the year where GOTO Copenhagen is in sight, and I am once again on board as a blogger. This year will be a little different though, because I will also be speaking myself. My talk is titled "TypeScript - a look at SPA's with Angular 2", a topic that I've had the pleasure of speaking quite a bit about, so I look forward to doing it at GOTO.

Well, this blogpost is actually not meant to be about selfpromotion, but about the tracks and speakers that are lined up this year. Once again the program committee has managed to put together a great program, and I really look forward to hearing people like Eric Evans, Oren Eini, Adam Tornhill and of course Erik Meijer who will be delivering a keynote. As i Microsofty kind of guy I am also glad to see them represented with their own tracks, since there is some amazing things happening with .NET, ASP.NET and Azure, with core products being rethought to the modern age. From my perspective even more focus could certainly have been on .NET and on attackting .NET developers, but I think they have a strong lineup of mostly danish speakers.

Other tracks that I am looking forward to are on "reactive architectures", "front-end: the bleeding edge" and "security, safety and privacy". I love that functional and reactive are still gaining more and more traction, and that the web is evolving and allowing us to make richer applications, so those tracks are right down my alley. Security is one of those things that will never get enough focus, and privacy is a huge deal in our time and it probably will continue to be for the rest of my lifetime.

So all in all I am more than ready for GOTO to come to town, and I look forward to seeing the usual suspects as well as a lot of new faces.


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