BaaS - cloud based backend in a box

by DotNetNerd 14. November 2013 16:56

WAMobileServicesblue IMHO an overlooked part of the otherwise thoroughly hyped Cloud technologies is the so called baskend-as-a-service or BaaS technologies. Most presentations revolve around scalability and hosting, which are of course central and important, but non the less not the entire cloud story. This is something I have been looking a bit into, because I feel there is so much value in the cloud that we are not picking up on just yet.

Go-go-go speed is of the essence

As developers we are always challenged with building applications quickly enough, so that we get to build cool solutions in a timeframe that is acceptable to the customers. I can't count the number of times I have heard developers say "we can build anything" - which is of course a stretch, but the barrier is not even what we can do, but what we can do in an affordable timeframe. This has always been an area of focus in computer science where pleanty of smart people have explained why there is no silver bullet to writing software faster and keeping up with the pace of the hardware.

BaaS is certainly not a silver bullet either, but for some classes of applications they provide impressive capabilities out of the box, allowing the developer to focus on the frontend experience. For applications where the solution can fit into such a domain, this allows us to deliver mindblowing solutions in a very short timeframe. As with most things, this is a tool and you should know when to wield it. Some classes of applications are enough alike that you can build entirely on a BaaS and for others you can use it and supplement with a custom backend. Either way, there is a lot to gain by not reinventing the wheel and enabling developers who only do frontend work.

Modern mobile applications

The first example that comes to mind, especially for someone like me who has been drinking the Microsoft coolaid on a daily basis, is Azure Mobile Services. Out of the box you can work with data, do authentication, make push notifications and utilize schedules services. Basically all the backend building blocks you need for a straight forward modern mobile application. It won't solve complex domain specific challenges, but most apps out there just do validation and basic yoyo data up and down stuff. So for those apps it is incredibly powerfull when you want to focus on UX and get the app out the door.

Realtime as a foundation

firebase_branding_r4_FINAL_03 Another favorite of mine is Firebase, that lets you work with realtime data without having to start by building communication via sockets, which is pretty low level. It is a powerful abstraction that you have a document where each node maps to a URL, and you can subscribe to changes on any node and its children. Firebase has API's for javascript, NodeJS, OIS, Java and REST - so no matter what your background is, you can get in on it.

The javascript library AngularFire builds on that to give you 3-way databinding in Angular - adding the database as the third party, and thereby giving you realtime synchronization across clients. I see a ton of potential in this for all kinds of collaborative applications and realtime data displays. It is also an abstraction on a class of problems just like Mobile Services, so it will allow us to move forward quickly on a range of applications where the MVVM model is an adequate abstraction.

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