GOTO day 1 roundoff

by DotNetNerd 1. October 2012 23:35

Now the evening is comming to a close, on what has been a really interesting day. Since my last post I went to 4 very different talks on Raspberry PI, Myths of project management, No SQL and lastly Damien Conway on Contemporal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in Topoligically Connected Quantum-Relative Parallel Spacetimes – made easy! So I got to get around very different aspects of life in the software industry.

Conways talk was no doubt the most crazy talk I have ever seen, and I don’t even want to know how much time has gone into preparing that talk. I can safely say it is the geekiest moment of the conference so far, and I am sure my brother in law who works with nuclear physics would have laughed his ass off as much as I did.

After the talks were done I went around and visited some of the stands, where especially the MongoDB stand cought my interest. I have really enjoyed working with MongoDB and I got to hear more about what they are working on, so that was brilliant. A key point for me is that they are doing full-text search in vNext, making it a lot more interesting in the search space that I recently released a whitepaper on.

The evening was then spent at the conference party, where I sat between two speakers, Steve Vinoski and Matt Heitzenroder. Matt was in the NoSQL panel that I was at earlier, and Steve is a legend for the guys in the Erlang and Riak space. So I had a really nice evening hearing about how they experience a conference, and the challanges they have.

Tomorrow I will probably be blogging a bit less I think, because I will be preparing and doing my first ever interview. I could not ask for a better opportunity as I will be talking to Scott Hanselman, which means I will start out interviewing the speaker and blogger I respect most of all.


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