GOTO day 2 - on web security

by DotNetNerd 1. October 2013 11:17

So half way through day 2 of the GOTO conference I have spent all day so far hearing about security. Well with the small twist that I will shield you from todays keynote – which in my eyes should have been a regular talk as a historical view of java has very little interest to me.

I decided to follow the web security track and I am really happy I did. Aaron Bedra gave a really good talk about how to detect when your site is under attack and what you can do about it. He made it clear that you should always avoid bothering your users when building in security – something not all sites are too good at sadly. His analogy was a casino, where there is pleanty of security but you won’t know unless you have bad intentions.

Aaron covered how to use tools like modSecurity to look at certain patterns and in turn block mallicious users. He then went on to cover a range of anormalies that you can detect and act upon. A good example was to look at the distribution of get, post and put requests, along with the rate of requests which can indicate suspicious behaviour. In the end Aaron recommended his tool called repsheet, which uses a calculated reputation score which it produces by recording activity to act by bloking users and giving you a range of information about where attacks are comming from. It is a redis backed tool, that does the processing in the background and it is built to be open for customization - so sounds like it is worth taking a look at.

Next talk was defensive programming 101 by Niall Merrigan, and it was easilly the best talk I have seen so far. Niall put a lot of energy into his talk, and he was funny all the way through – so if you ever get the chance, you should go see one of his talks.

The talk was structured as a top 10 of stupid mistakes that developers make, which leave websites exposed. Along the way he gave a wealth of great examples on for instance how you can use google to find web.config files that are left accessible through ftp and how leaving elmah, trace.axd and error messages unprotected tells an attacker way too much about your system. Sadly he also reavealed that injection and specifically SQL injection attacks are still  major problem and actually a growing problem, because we tend to argue that some approach must be ok because others did it. 

Another interesting point he made was that we should use different connectionstrings for reads and writes, in order to limit the assigned rights as much as possible for each query. Overall this calls back to the recurring theme of having a principle of least privledge. Remember that people will try and break your sites. Hackers do it simply because they can, even though you don’t think it will peak their interest.

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