GOTO – JavaScript track

by dotnetnerd 1. October 2012 13:24

First I decided to check out the javascript track, with a talk by Kasper Lund on Dart and performance optimizing for effecient javascript. It was a very technical talk that shortly covered some of the reasons they are building Dart and then went on to revolve around how Dart performes and especially the JavaScript it can compile into. I was hoping to ge proven wrong in some of my bad feelings about Dart, with reguard to how viable it is as a replacement for JavaScript in the mainstream world. Sadly this didn’t happen because when he was challanged on inter-op with JavaScript libraries the story is that it is hard to, but can be done. So the talk was interesting but I am still a long way from being persuaded into spending time with Dart myself.

After Kaspers talk I stayed for a talk about dynamic languages in production. It was a very energetic performance, and a fun talk for a pretty lowlevel subject. The central topic of the talk was debugging dynamic languages in a production environment. This has historically been very hard, but they have made some strides toward making it possible in Node, through the analysis of dump files and looking instrumentation of applications.

So for now it has been really interesting, but I will be hoping for more takeaways that I can use in my everyday job. I thought there would actually be more of that in this track, but it has not been the case so far..



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