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by DotNetNerd 25. September 2014 15:21

At other conferences I have attended the last year or so, distribution and concurrency have been hot topics, coupled with functional programming and immutability which leands itself well to these kinds of problems. Todays program has certainly been no exception - at least for the talks I ended up picking.

The right Elixir for concurrent fault tolerant systems

In the afternoon I ended up sticking with the bleeding edge track, which has been really interesting. First off was a talk on Idioms of distributed applications with Elixir by Jose Valim, who wrote the language. In his talk Jose went over the idioms of Erlang, which is what Elixir is built on top of. He did a good job at presenting why light weight processes that are allowed to fail fast and recreated by supervisors makes it possible to build fault tolerant distributed systems that are easier to understand and run faster than other paradigmes often based on handeling exceptions via try catch blocks.

Actually we got to see quite little Elixir, which I had hoped there would be more of, but with the talk being about the idioms I think he did a really good job at covering the basics and showing how easy it is to build addressable services that can be tied to gether and supervised. So I definately get why Elixir is attracting a lot of interest these days.

Interesting applications of immutability

The next talk that I will write about was by David Nolen on immutability. I have seen David a couple of times before, and he is just a naturally gifted speaker, with an aura that always sets a good mode at his sessions. I was actually surprised that he didn't show any Clojure, but he covered the theory of persistent datastructures very well, and showed some exciting applications of these. It is interesting how some classes of problems, like comparing state, working with asyncrony and going backward in history of stratechanges becomes quite simple. While covering React and his own Om project that builds on it, he called out that other languages are also looking into this. One project that is looking very interesting is facebooks immutable-js project, which I already have in my "things to look at" pile - but it just god bumped up to something I will be diving into very soon.

Non centralised currency with Bitcoin

Building on these talks about distriuted systems, I was Jan Møller talk about how bitcoin technology works. It was a really good talk, and even though the topic is extremely heavy, he managed to make bitcoin networks understandable. This got me thinking about one of the previous years where the keynote was about the more political aspects of bitcoin. So it was great to get a deeper understanding of how it is actually possible, and I must admit it looks like a technology that has the potential to change the works. Maybe not necessarily as a currency, but other possibilities include using block chains for building DNS and voting systems. Basically anything where a non centralised authority for doing transactions can come into play, so who knows.

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