Build 2014 announcements for C#

by DotNetNerd 4. April 2014 17:38

Its Build time again and I just finished watching Mads Torgesens keynote on day 3, where he has been talking about Roslyn and new C# features that are comming. I am really getting excited about Roslyn, with demos comming out that show how to write tooling extentions. Its one of those things that have always seemed out of reach for most things in every day development, simply because it was too much work and pain to do. With Roslyn being open sourced yesterday (by Anders Hejlsberg live on stage), it will provide options never seen before. So it is really a good time to be a C# developer.

On top of that todays demo got into some language features that the team at Microsoft are putting into C# and VB. As Mads said these are all relatively small features, but small as they might be they solve some real pains with todays C#. The main theme for the features Mads covered was to make it easier to write immutable types – which although doable today requires quire a bit of plumbing. This is one of the areas that makes me miss F#, which I sadly don’t get to write too often, so I can’t wait for it to be part of C#. Not that they are the same as in F# or that they cover all the same ground, but they will go a  long way to make life better. The features comming include:

  • Primary constructors - directly on class declaration
  • Initialized autoproperties and private readonly modifiers for constructor parameters - no more backing fields required
  • DictionaryInitializers eg {["x"] = 123}
  • Syntactic sugar letting us write $x instead of ["x"]
  • Linq syntax queries directly in constructors that take IEnumerable
  • Single line methods expressed with fat arrow and no body
  • Declaration expressions that allow you to declare a variable as you pass it as an argument - making linq queries more terse and expressive
  • Using statements allow you to import static methods for direct access
  • await will be allowed inside catch and finally blocks
  • Exception filters

So from having constructors and backing fields today, we will be able to do the following that I have shamelessly stolen from the actual demo at Build.

public class Point(int x, private readonly int y)
    public int X { get; } = x;
    public int Y { get { return +y }}

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