MongoDB – getting better for .NET

by DotNetNerd 6. March 2010 16:24

Since my last post Rob Connery has joined the team working on MongoDB, and he recently blogged about the latest additions he has made on github. I couldn’t resist taking a look at the latest changes, and even though there is still some way to go it is nice to see the improvements to the drivers for .NET.

My last sample is already depricated, so Ill shamelessly steal his sample, and modify it slightly just to see the new bits running with entities that I worked with last. So Ill recommend looking at the sample from the blogpost, since I’ll be using his session class.

First thing to notice from Robs sample is that I don’t have to think much about mapping classes to documents any longer. One thing that is already depricated even from Robs own sample is that it is now a requitement that the class has an identifier. So going with the simplest thing possible I added an ID integer.

using (var session=new Session()){
   session.Add(new Actor { ID = 1, Name = "Hans", Age = 40, Gender = Gender.Male });
   session.Add(new Actor { ID = 2, Name = "Eva", Age = 22, Gender = Gender.Female });

So comparing to Db4o, we are now closer to a similar experience. One of the things I’ll wait to look at, but I see as fairly importait is how either will handle Lazy<T> properties and other kinds of more advanced scenarios.

With the above objects saved the data can be accessed using a Linq query like so:

using (var session=new Session())
   var actors = session.Actors;
   foreach (var actor in actors.Where(a => a.Gender == Gender.Male))

The LINQ provider is still not too far along so I’ll leave it alone for now, but it is also one of the places where it will be interesting to compare e.g. db4o and MongoDB in the future.

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