Why agile doesn’t scale - by Dan North

by DotNetNerd 30. September 2013 09:25

WP_20130930_004 First talk that I chose to go to was Dan North on why agile doesn’t scale – or how agile can cross the chasm as he corrected himself. His premis was that people put stuff around agile for it to scale, so it is not a property of agile that it scales. In his words it is like putting a car on a ferry, and claiming that the car floats.

Dan started out defining scale for the subject as being about solving more problems with more people. From this he argues that the issues are that local optimizations don’t roll up and that agile doesn’t have an oppinion on scale.

In his usual style Dan told real world war stories, about how agility is different and how it forces people outside the project to make decisions by reporting amber and red statuses. This can be painful, it makes for confrontations when you move peoples cheese, but in the same time the projects were successful as opposed to comparable projects run using traditional methodologies.

When scaling we typically see a chain where at each stage people break, tools break, governance breaks, the customer breaks, the money break and then the organization breaks. We are at stage two according to Dan, where we have looked at how to solve getting people and tooling right for agile projects.  This leaves us at a chasm of credibility, where we need to look at how to scale and report back in order to answer what it will cost and how we ensure delivery enabeling portfolio management.

Not too long ago Dan was on a visit at Spotify where they have a “Think it, build it, ship it, tweak it” cycle. Which is like a lot of us doing agile which we are good at in team scale and locally optmized.

Delivery assurace builds on cross team concerns and product tradeoffs, which in turn enables governance where we can look at organisational concerns, investment tradeoffs and portfolio balancing.

To support this it is important to focus on what information to surface between the layers of governance –> delivery assurance –> execution – communication going both ways. To scale with numerous teams Dan recommends having a strong shared leadership where local decisions are guided global principles and a shared vision. This way we can get transparency and make it likely that two teams will end up making similar decisions, but have the freedom change.

Yet another great talk and a very good start for the conference.

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