Canopy – web testing in 10 lines of code

by DotNetNerd 16. April 2013 13:22

With my latest dive into F# I recently came across Canopy, which is a really nice and simple web testing framework. It really is as simple as installing a package and writing a few lines in a console application.

So to get started you simply create a new console application and run: Install-Package canopy

First thing when writing a webtest is to open the browser you wish for the test to use. Firefox works out of the box and drivers can easilly be downloaded for ie and chrome.

For the test you have a number of actions and assertions that you can perform, and it really is quite straight forward, so I will let a sample speak for itself. After all "when your work speaks for itself - don't interrupt" (Henry J. Kaiser).

open canopy
open runner

start firefox

"Go to fona and add to basket" &&& fun _ ->
    url ""
    let numberOfLineItems = (elements "#miniCartProducts li").Length
    let total = read ".miniCartValue"

    click (first "a.addToCart")
    waitFor (fun _ ->
        (elements "#miniCartProducts li").Length > numberOfLineItems)

    ".miniCartValue" != total


Simply run the console application or make it part of a FAKE task. Easy, clean and FREE - whats not to like?!

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