My take on this years GOTO program

by DotNetNerd 27. August 2013 08:12

In the spirit of being well prepared and with GOTO just over a month away it is time to look a bit at this years program. Personally I will try and get around and also pick some talks on topics that are outside my normal area of interest. I know you probably already heard this, but it pretty much always ends up as the talks I get the most value from.


“JS beyond the browser”, “Architectures” and “Microsoft Devices and Services” are the three obvious tracks for me on the first day. However I will probably start out with Dan North’s talk on the track “When the Agile Manifesto isn't enough” about “Embracing uncertainty” . Dan is a really good speaker and last year he gave some of the very best talks IMHO.

I will also look to pick a talk in the “Distributed Systems Renaissance” track, which is hosted by Steve Vinoski, who I was lucky enough to sit next to at dinner last year. The track is pretty wide covering everything from big data and games to distributed cloud environments.

I will surely finish off the day supporting my good colleague Mogens Grabe, who finishes off the “Architectures” track, with his talk on taking the hippiebus to the enterprise.



The second day has some really interesting tracks, where I especially look forward to “Embedded technologies and the Internet of Things”. By then I should be the lucky owner of a Ninja blocks kit, and it is definately a field I am keeping my eye on. “NOSQL, MYSQL, and Bigdata” is the obvious choise of the day for me, and especially the talk by Alex Reelsen on Elasticseach jumps at me.

“Web security” is the track I probably should go to. Security tends to be just as boring as it is important, so I get there are some surprising things in these talks that I need to pick up on. “Lean IT enterprise” is a good candidate for a topic that is outside my normal interests, but where some gold could be hidden.


The last day of the conference for those of us who don’t get to do the training looks to finish off the conference with a bang. “The Right Language for the job” is one of those tracks that I as a languages enthusiast just love, and especially the tracks on Clojure(Script) are obvious choises. 


“Power Use of Programming Tools” and the talk with the enticing title "Awk" sed Vi, "Ar" sed Ed is a must goto talk with people like Ola Bini, Trisha Gee, Dan North and Roy Osherove on stage. Those are probably the two tracks that I will expect the most from over all.

“Good JavaScript”,  and “Battle-hardened HTML5” area also right up my alley, but I might end up skipping them all together, simply because there is so much other good stuff. The “Career” and “Experience design” tracks will probably take the rest of my day instead, because I think I have more to gain at these talks. Career talks are pretty much always really good or a complete waste of time – but it seems like a good track to provide some reflection, which might be needed after a bunch of heavy technical talks.

See you there

Besides all the talks, I hope to have pleanty of time to socialize and to visit some of the vendors at the conference. You gotta go for some swag right? :)

So I hope to see you there, and to have a look over the fence and see what developers outside the .NET arena are building and having fun with.

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