Gearing up for GOTO 2013

by DotNetNerd 16. August 2013 10:34

GOTO 2013 is slowly getting closer, and once again I am lucky enough to be blogging from the conference. Next week the bloggers will meet up to get some practical information as well as to collect ideas for which tracks to follow and what to blog about.

Last year I think went really well both with reguard to picking some interesting talks and that I was pleasently surprised that I got to interview Scott Hanselman and Anders Hejlsberg. So when it was decided to repeat the success and invite bloggers to the conference I definately wanted to go again.

The relatively easy access to the “rockstars” of our craft is one of the things I see as a great strength in our little world. The short distance between those developing the languages and frameworks to us who use them in our daily work liberating. One could fear that speakers were too busy at such a conference but it is clear that they enjoy getting around just as much as people like myself enjoy hearing about their work and ideas. If I am lucky and everything goes by as smoothly as last year I will look forward to doing interviews with Dan North and Douglas Crockford. Dan North was one of the very best speakers last year in my book, and Douglas Crockford has done some great work and seems to have some interesting ideas with new libraries he is working on.

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